How to Register

Fall Semester

You can choose to register for a Byrne Seminar when you select your other classes. Typically, this happens at an advising day over the summer. You will indicate your top four seminar preferences to your advisor and they will aim to fit one of those choices into your schedule. Final confirmation of your fall semester schedule will be sent to you in late August.

If you choose to wait until you arrive on campus in the fall, you may register directly, during one week only, through WebReg in any Byrne Seminar that still has openings.

Spring Semester

You can register for a Byrne Seminar through WebReg. You may find the Online Schedule of Classes useful in determining which courses are open and will fit best into your schedule. Enter the subject code “090” and the course number “101” to get a list of Byrne Seminars for semester. 

*Note that SEBS sections begin with “11” rather than “01” and will be found at the bottom of the page.

Have a look at our seminars

Browse our course offerings to see all that Byrne has to offer. For advice on how to choose a Byrne Seminar that is right for you, visit here.

If you have questions about how best to craft your schedule, consider making an appointment with an advising dean in your school.

If you have questions about how the Byrne Seminar can enhance your experience here at Rutgers, please email Angela Mullis.