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Are you a first year student? A Byrne Seminar is for you!

Byrne Seminars are discussion-based classes designed to introduce you to academic life at Rutgers. Choose from over 200 exciting and unique topics, specifically created for first-year students. Get involved in lively discussions with new friends and figure out what you really think about a range of issues. Learn about cutting-edge research and scholarship.

Byrne Seminar professors come from departments across the university and from every professional school. They share with you their curiosity and their passion, and the ways they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge. Get to know the professor in a relaxed learning environment.

Tips for choosing a Byrne Seminar:

Choose a seminar based on your interests and passions. You might want to use this opportunity to explore a potential major. Or, you might decide to take a seminar on something you love that is completely separate from your academic goals. It is entirely up to you.

Each Byrne Seminar is designed to be introductory, with no prerequisites. Don’t worry that other students will know more about a particular topic; each seminar is open to students from all majors and backgrounds.

Consider that the Byrne Seminars are often interdisciplinary and provide an opportunity to explore new ideas, new topics, and new disciplines. These courses will be different from those that you took in high school.