What is so Public about Our Streets?

Juan Ayala (Planning and Public Policy)

Streets are our most public image of a city. Yet, in our daily routine as we navigate through them, we often do not think about how the design of these public places draw us into private properties to shop, play, exercise, reside, work, and find entertainment. In this seminar, students will learn how visual cues in our environment help us understand the extent of the public realm (our streets), and how it is designed to shape our way of life. In the past ten years, NYC expanded its perception of the public realm into landmark buildings with the intent of encouraging physical health, promoting entertainment, stimulating commerce, and activating land uses. We will travel to NYC so students can experience and document their interpretation of how an environment reads. Some of the places we may explore are the High Line, Lincoln Center, Bard College, Time Warner Building, The New York Times Building, The Cube, NYC Library, Battery Park City, other up and coming landmarks, and major avenues.  We will use photo-simulations and 3D models to provoke discussion and describe the technical and legal aspects of the pedestrian realm. Ultimately, we want to understand just how much design and collaboration between private and public land goes into creating these appealing environments.

Course Number: 
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