Weeds—What are They Good For? Life and Death among Unwanted Plants

Lena Struwe (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources)

Weeds are now everywhere; they invade our carefully designed gardens, our agricultural fields, take over our forests, and wreak havoc in our ecosystems.  Weeds are also important resources, as wild foods, biofuels, dyes, and herbal medicines.  Should we try to kill all weeds?  Or, should we love them?  Where did the weeds come from, and where are they going? Are there more weeds now than in the past?  Are there really any weeds at all? The seminar will include edible plant walks, research trips to parking lots for biodiversity weed inventories, blogging, and frequent discussions focused on the importance of weeds in art, design, science, food, and sustainability.

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11:090:101 section 20 index 17745