Water Resources Engineering: A Close-up Look at the Raritan River

Monica Mazurek (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Water resources have been essential infrastructure for societies settling along the eastern coast of the United States. In particular, the Raritan River and its watershed have been essential for the growth of commerce and communities in Northern New Jersey since before the American Revolution. This seminar combines field trips along the Delaware-Raritan Canal to examine hydrologic and chemical properties of the Raritan River. We will see on US Geological Survey monitoring sites along the Raritan, examine ongoing water quality/ water quantity parameters, and visit a drinking water treatment plant. We will explore Raritan River water property data using Geospatial Information Software (GIS) to understand the hydrologic and chemical information needed to manage the Raritan River as an essential regional resource for the present and future.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 78 index 16850