Washington, D.C., Fall 2017—What Are You Seeing?

Ruth Mandel (Political Science; Director, Eagleton Institute of Politics)

The seminar will be devoted to observations and analysis of the national political scene almost a year after the 2016 elections and the beginning of a new presidential administration. We will explore government and politics in Washington, DC in 2017, asking questions such as: Who is on the president's team one year later? What has been accomplished in the first year of the presidency? How has the president established and built relationships with Congress, the media, and the American people? How are the three branches of government functioning? What is the national state of health? NATIONAL REPORT CARD: What have been the major accomplishments of the Trump administration so far? What have been the major failures of the Trump administration so far? What is the state of public opinion? What is the state of the opposition to the administration? We will look at past presidencies for context, but focus chiefly on the 45th POTUS.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 63 index 13511