Urban Landscapes and Democracy

Holly Grace Nelson (Landscape Architecture) and
Frank Gallagher (Landscape Architecture)

How has the design of parks served to increase democracy while
incorporating nature into urban life? How has park design evolved in
response to the contemporary city and modern relationships to nature?
Several case study parks are selected to demonstrate changes in values
and uses of public spaces in urban conditions. Sites will include four wellknown
parks in the NY/NJ area. Central Park (NYC) and the new Brooklyn
Bridge Park will compare the public discussion around open space and
how it changed from 100 years ago to today. We will then contrast these
parks to two New Jersey parks (Liberty State Park and Branch Brook
Park), where environmental justice has been a significant driver in their
development. Stroll through these parks to see and understand how
parks function as urban respites, create spaces for people, incorporate
urban infrastructure (green and built) and natural processes, and respond
differently to gentrification.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 05 index 19465