Treating the World for Parasites: 2015 Nobel Prize!

Michael Sukhdeo (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources)

The 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine was shared by three Parasitologists, two
from China, and the third from right here in New Jersey for their discoveries
of anti-parasitic drugs. Dr. Campbell, our local Nobel, created one of the
world’s most successful drugs ever developed to treat domestic animals
and pets. His is also a remarkable story of how he leveraged his success
into a program whereby Merck Pharmaceuticals donated the drug to cure
hundreds of thousands of Africans suffering from Tropical River Blindness.
The political and sociological hurdles to accomplish this program using
animals’ drugs to treat humans were enormous. This seminar will use the
stories of these three Nobelists to illustrate some of the complex issues
that determine drug treatment of parasites from national and global
perspectives. In addition, we will place these ideas on drug therapy in the
context of natural systems and the basic biology of parasites. Thus, the
course will include field trips to domestic animal farms, streams, ponds and
the ocean, and also include hands-on labs where the students will learn
standard parasitological techniques in parasite recovery and identification
based on necropsies and fecal analyses.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 14 index 10978