The Harvest Garden: Creating an Edible Landscape on Campus

Arianna Lindberg (Landscape Architecture)
Holly Grace Nelson (Landscape Architecture)

Collaborate with Rutgers Landscape Architecture students to create an edible landscape for chefs at the Harvest Café at Rutgers’ new Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health. The Café’s mission is to “source local, sustainable, whole foods and artisan products that are raised and produced responsibly,” with a grain- and plant-centric menu that promotes healthy eating. We will learn how the chefs’ ideas for a new kitchen garden were envisioned by a landscape architecture studio in spring 2017. Students from the studio will present their projects and will participate in a discussion of the garden design process.  Participants in the seminar, in conjunction with other partners (including Harvest Chefs and the SEBS Dean of Students), will then select a design for the kitchen garden. Following the selection process, we will prepare the soil, organize and quantify plantings. We will then lay out the plants according to the design and plant the garden over the course of the next few classes. The course will culminate with a meal prepared by Harvest chefs using ingredients harvested together from the new garden and Student Farm.  The seminar will explore ethnobotany, plant-based diets, soil fertility and planting design.  Students will also learn about the work of the Student Farm on campus and its role in the local community, and we will have the opportunity to visit our organically managed farm sites.

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11:090:101 section 05 index 16159