The Fungus Among Us

John Dighton (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources; Director of Pinelands Field Station)
Katie Malcolm (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources; Manager of Pinelands Field Station)

Fungi rule the world, but the influence of fungi on our planet and lives is frequently underestimated. This seminar will familiarize students to the fascinating field of mycology. After an introduction to fungi (they are not plants!), we will discuss their significance in industry (e.g. food, alcohol fermentation), medicine (e.g. pharmaceuticals, diseases) and ecology (e.g. decomposition, biodiversity). The seminar includes 1-2 field trips to the Rutgers Pinelands Field Station, located in New Lisbon, NJ. At the field station, students will learn common field and laboratory techniques in mycological research and be able take part in an active field station. The seminar may also include a field trip to a commercial environmental testing laboratory, brewery or winery.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 10 index 17167