The Fine Art and Science of Polynomiography

Bahman Kalantari (Computer Science)

Through a unique software, called Polynomiography, you will be introduced to a fantastic, very powerful, and easy to use artistic visualization medium, where polynomials turn into 2D images that can be used to create artwork of diverse types, to invent games, and to discover many new concepts as well as creative and innovative ideas that can be applied to many subject areas. Students of Polynomiography courses have found its applications in many fields of study: art, math, computer science, dance, linguistics, psychology, physics, chemistry, architecture, cryptography, and more. Working with Polynomiography software is similar to learning to work with a sophisticated camera: one needs to learn the basics, of course, but the rest is up to the photographer.  (See or Polynomiography on Facebook for more information).

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 59 index 16149