The Culture of Clothing: Global Perspectives in Contemporary Ethnic Style

Vickie Esposito (Theater Arts)

American costume and fashion students spend the majority of their time studying Western World Clothing (the history of our own culture).  In our contemporary world there are many other ethnic fashion influences in our lives that can be seen by simply looking at the daily headline pictures in the New York Times.  Aspects of what is referred to as Third World Culture are seen throughout our nation on college campuses, ethnic enclaves, and on the streets of our cities.  The literature of current and future generations will reflect these influences in books, art, music, dance, and of course, film and theater.  In this seminar, we will gain a general working knowledge of what we call ethnic garments or specialized clothing, as we explore the specialized clothing of our nation such as Amish, Native American, and Western attire. 

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01:090:101 section 23 index 28112