Thank You for Your Service

Jim Jack (Director of Education and Outreach, George Street Playhouse)
Ann Treadaway (Director, Rutgers Office of Veteran & Military Programs and Services)

The longest foreign war in American history is now in its sixteenth year.  With less than one percent of the population serving having served in the military since September 11, 2001, how do we as a nation understand the complexities of war and the service of our men and women in uniform? Led by Ann Treadaway, an Army Veteran that served two tours in Iraq and Director of the Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services, and Jim Jack, Director of Education at George Street Playhouse, this seminar will explore the experiences of those who serve through interviews with service members and ensemble-based theatre exercises.  A ticket to George Street Playhouse’s production of American Hero, a play that looks at the complicated life of an Iraqi war hero, is included with the seminar.