Success in Schools: Why Being Smart Isn't Always Enough!

Timothy Cleary (Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology)
Ryan Kettler (Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology)

Have you ever wondered why some students struggle in school, and what can be done to help these individuals? In this seminar, we provide examples of common barriers to successful learning in schools (learning disabilities, anxiety, lack of motivation, attention disorders), and describe approaches for identifying and solving these school-based problems. Through discussion and class activities, students will be introduced to the field of school psychology and the specific roles and responsibilities of professionals (school psychologists), whose primary job is to work with teachers, families, and children to optimize learning and well-being. The content of the course will provide practical information that will help students not only learn about hot-topic themes in education, but also consider the substantial role that psychology can have in school settings.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 26 index 11001