Students at Play and Protest: Student Life at Rutgers in the Post-World War II Era

Paul Clemens (History)

As Rutgers celebrates its 250th anniversary, we will be exploring its long and fascinating history with particular attention to student life and the place of athletics in modern universities. Students will learn from the professor’s own research and book on Rutgers post-World War II history (Rutgers Since 1945: A History of the State University of New Jersey).  Students will also have an opportunity to read a chapter of Michael Moffatt's Coming of Age in New Jersey and of Richard L. McCormick's Raised at Rutgers: A President's Story. The focus of the seminar will be giving students an opportunity to do research on student life in Rutgers’ past. The course will culminate with students presenting their research results to the class.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 88 index 18166