Smart Eating and Living for a Healthy and Happy Life

Bonnie Nolan (Psychology)
Labros Sidossis (Kinesiology and Health)
Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)
Chung Yang (Chemical Biology)

This course will be taught by Professors with expertise in food, nutrition, psychology and kinesiology to discuss how dietary habits, physical activity and a positive attitude can increase wellness and prevent diseases. Each session of the seminar will include lectures and discussions. The students are expected to be fully engaged by thinking about whether a certain idea is correct and can be applied to their daily lives, raising questions and participating in class discussions. Students will also participate in class exercises (or quizzes) by writing down their opinions on the subjects. In some sessions, there will be opportunities for small group discussions, student presentations and class debates. This course will also introduce our research expertise to students to stimulate their interests in multidisciplinary research and lifestyle changes toward health and happiness.