Smart Eating and Living for a Healthy and Happy Life

Bonnie Nolan (Psychology)
Judith Storch (Nutritional Sciences)
Chung Yang (Chemical Biology)

This interdisciplinary seminar will be taught by professors with expertise in food, nutrition, psychology and kinesiology to offer an integrated approach to discussing how dietary habits, physical activity and a positive attitude can increase wellness and prevent diseases.  Students will explore numerous research areas, including (1) positive psychology to health, (2) functions of nutrients and misconceptions, (3) dietary fats in health and diseases, (4) kinesiology and health, (5) etiology and prevention of obesity and diabetes, and (5) etiology of cancer.  Through class debates and small group discussions, you will be able to share your opinions and perspectives to the questions that arise.  The seminar will introduce you to research and stimulate your interests in multidisciplinary research as well as lifestyle changes you can make toward greater health and happiness.