Risk and Disaster in the Modern Day

Jacquelyn Litt (Dean, Douglass Residential College; Women's and Gender Studies) and Lee Clarke (Sociology)

This course is about disaster. Why do they happen? To whom do they happen? How do they respond when they are in them? And how can they be prevented? Wait, what? Yes, disasters can be prevented. Eventsearthquakes, plane crashes, nuclear meltdowns, hurricanescannot be prevented. But their effects can be (mostly) prevented. We can be warned against them, and we can arrange social affairs so that events either do not happen or they are muted in their effects. We will use cases of disaster old and new to investigate disaster and risk. This seminar will show how the glass is half full not half empty, as we develop a richer understanding of how society works.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 50 index 09384