Revolutions in Transportation

Kelcie Ralph (Planning and Public Policy)
Michael Smart (Planning and Public Policy)

This seminar explores revolutionary transportation technologies. Approximately one third of the seminar will examine past revolutions in transportation that have shaped our daily lives and the city as we know it, including railways, streetcars, the automobile, and the airplane. We will then examine ongoing revolutions in transportation, including high-speed rail, car-sharing, on-demand taxi services like Uber, freight containerization, and the logistics revolution. Finally, we will examine emerging technologies that may reshape our daily lives and the urban experience, including autonomous vehicles and the Hyperloop. Students will research a transportation revolution of their choosing and present on the topic to the class. The seminar will also include a field trip to a freight distribution center and a transportation operations center.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 80 index 09033