Revolutionary Remediation

Donna Fennell (Environmental Science)

New Jersey was the first industrialized state in the union and has suffered from substantial environmental contamination as a result of heavy production and usage of industrial chemicals. Fortunately, New Jersey is also where some of the earliest applications of waste treatment and environmental cleanup technologies have evolved. Indeed, some of the earliest scientific research on pollutant biodegradation was produced by scientists at Rutgers—and Rutgers faculty continue to lead vibrant research programs to repair the environment. In this seminar, we will explore the history of environmental pollution and environmental remediation in New Jersey, specifically focusing on contaminated sites along the Raritan River. We will explore technology-enabled mapping that allows a birds-eye view of contaminated sites in New Jersey.  Students in this course will continue an important Rutgers tradition by participating in laboratory research activities and developing ideas related to environmental cleanup in the Raritan River Basin.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 16 index 16864