Reframing Civility, Respect, and Human Justice

Mark Schuster (Senior Dean of Students)

Have social media, technology, and the internet blurred the boundaries of public and private space?  Have global acts of incivility, violence, and political controversy made us less humane?  Discovering the good in all of us is enriched by values of inclusivity, social responsibility, and integrity.  Fluid social identities must be considered in a cultural context.   Self-authorship and authentic journeys must reframe “civility” as an umbrella term for global citizenship and the ultimate human quest.  This course examines privilege, oppression, the media, and socioeconomic class.  What are the cultural costs of these systems of power in a complex society that disregards ethics of caring, human justice, and global responsibility?  Emergent educational initiatives to promote civility will be reviewed, analyzed, and critiqued. 

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 82 index 14561