Privacy Matters: Protecting Personal Information in the Digital Age

Craig Scott (Communication) and
Lauren Turso (Manager, Privacy Compliance, Johnson & Johnson)

In the 21st century, personal information has become a form of currency.
The more information we disclose to online service providers for the sake
of convenience or social networking, the more value can be extracted from
it. There is an indeterminable amount of uses for the data derived from
our online habits and it often goes well-beyond what the initial use might
appear to be. With this constant flow of personal data, and the lack of
knowledge about just who has access to it, the preservation of personal
privacy has become a fundamental, global debate that should not be
ignored. This seminar will focus on the many uses of our personal data
and analysis of our online habits. It will explore the importance and impact
of concepts such as “big data,” privacy law, surveillance, cybervetting,
network privacy, anonymity, disclosure, and privacy literacy. Only when we
understand the threats to privacy and the consequences of oversharing
can we take an active role in protecting our personal information.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 25 index 06559