Cinema is Life: Learning Global Issues through Films

Fakhri Haghani (Middle Eastern Studies)

Cinema is a means of expression. It is a communication tool, a language, and a message.  As Lebanese filmmaker Jocelyne Saab has said, “Cinema is life.” Films reflect the reality around us. How have filmmakers around the world been able to represent the reality around them?  What type of subject have they chosen and why? What type of cinematic style have they preferred to use and why?  This course introduces students to foreign cultures and global issues through films from around the world.  Using the films we watch as a gateway into a new mode of critical thinking about culture and international issues, we will discuss topics ranging from history, politics, culture, and literature, to the environment, food, fashion, and family.  The course will include a trip to a film festival for a screening.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 43 index 10029