Play to Learn in Higher Education

Megan Lotts (Rutgers Libraries)

Play can create a dynamic narrative that promotes engagement and community, as well as fosters creativity and problem-solving which are crucial to innovation. Play also builds strong communication and social skills, and these skills can be helpful when creating knowledge, performing scholarly research, or engaging with one’s peers. Play can mean anything and be all- inclusive, encourages exploration, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the chance to embrace failure as a positive part of learning. Play is an experience that is often lacking in higher education and yet a skill that many students are familiar with. This course will look closer at play, why it is an important part of our everyday lives, as well as its presence in higher education. This seminar will involve readings, keeping a play journal, creating games, playing, and participating in a LEGO workshop.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 94 index 10020