Passion, Power, Politics

Wally Torian (Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Science EOF Program)

This seminar will explore current political issues that are relevant to EOF students, and educate them about their impact on the campus community, the City of New Brunswick, the state of New Jersey, and the nation.  Through class discussion, scholarly research, discussions with student leaders, and guest speakers, students will gain an understanding of the various political issues relating to: student activism, education, poverty, crime, drug use, and immigration. As part of this seminar, students will visit the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education in Trenton to meet and speak directly to executive staff and get a first-hand perspective on the role that EOF, as a 50 year old institution, has had in shaping New Jersey’s past and present.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 84 index 37299
Additional Information: 
Open to First-Year EOF Students