Oysters Then and Now: Revolutionary Seafood Research at Rutgers

David Bushek (Marine and Coastal Sciences)
Daphne Munroe (Marine and Coastal Sciences)

Ever wonder where the shellfish on your plate comes from? If you are eating oysters, clams or scallops, the likely answer is New Jersey. Rutgers shellfish scientists have played a major role in the development and sustainability of the farms and fisheries that produce these delicious seafoods. From discoveries of the best ways to culture and harvest shellfish, and studies of the diseases that affect the wild populations, to genetic innovations that grow a better oyster and help protect wild ecosystems – Rutgers has been at the forefront of academic innovation of shellfish food production for over 125 years. This seminar will focus on the shellfish resources and industry in New Jersey – its history and the role that Rutgers researchers have played in helping shape it. The costs and benefits of these foods will be discussed in terms of human health, production costs, and ecological interactions. Field trips to Rutgers research facilities will allow students to explore first-hand the shellfish industry in New Jersey and the research that continues today.

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11:090:101 section 04 index 12845