Medicinal Plants: The Essence of Diversity

Mary Bridgeman (Pharmacy Practice and Administration)
Lena Struwe (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources)

Plants have been utilized since ancient times in an attempt to cure disease and relieve suffering. Pharmacognosy, a branch of medical science devoted to drug plant history, selection, identification, and study, remains an alive and flourishing area of research in our modern medical world. The objectives of this seminar are to introduce students to the roles of plant-based medicines throughout history; describe the use of plant-based and herbal medicine in present-day patient care, including safety and adverse effects; describe the toxicology and adverse effects attributed to medicinal herbal plants; identify future areas of drug development; and debate current controversies surrounding medicinal herbal drug use.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 24 index 12521