Making Sense of the Health and Wellness Tsunami

Brent Ruben (Communication) and
Alfred Tallia (Family Medicine and Community Health, RWJMC)

In recent years there has been a steady and dramatic growth in health and wellness-related communication.  Each day, we are inundated by a wide-ranging assortment of health and wellness messages on a broad array of issues from a multiplicity of communicators.  Where information on these topics once came primarily from physicians, today we also receive advice and information from nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, alternative health providers, personal trainers, health food store personnel, pharmaceutical companies, newsstand magazines, electronic billboards, celebrity testimonials, TV infomercials and a virtually limitless variety of internet sites.  This seminar will explore the following questions: What are the reasons for the emergence of this vast and rapidly growing health and wellness advice-giving industry? Further, how can we, as healthcare consumers, develop improved healthcare literacy?  How can we evaluate the validity of health information and advice, and how can make appropriate choices among the many messages, sources and types of advice with which we are confronted on a daily basis?

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 96 index 38172