Mad Men, Dexter, Gone Girl, and Scandal: Tales of Race, Gender, and Psychoanalysis in Everyday Life

Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd (Women's & Gender Studies)

This seminar will explore popular culture through a psychoanalytic lens. Why does Dexter, the blood splatter analyst on the show of the same name, feel compelled to kill? Is Donald Draper, a hopeless narcissist? What drives Olivia Pope to be a Gladiator? We will talk about popular T.V. shows and movies and the unconscious conflicts and experiences that drive popular characters that we love and sometimes love to hate. This will serve as an introduction to psychoanalysis, and to film and television assessment that reveals the connection among power, race, gender, class, and sex in everyday life.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 04 index 10745