Leaderocity: Leading at the Speed of Now

Richard Dool (Director, Master of Communication and Information Program)

Many believe that leaders in the 21st century face unprecedented challenges due to changes in globalization, diversity, the pace of organizations, systemic impatience, workforce trends and the advances in technology. These challenges are changing the workplace and demand new leadership competencies. Through this seminar, we will study a research project involving interviews with leaders from more than fifty companies in the United States, United Kingdom, China and India in conjunction with a Fortune 20 (GE) company’s research into “21st Century Leadership” competencies. We will explore each of these competencies so students understand how to develop their own leadership brand.  Students will consider various schools of thought on the attributes, behaviors, orientation and approaches of leaders - all in search of how to best develop leaders and to understand what makes them effective. We will focus on emerging theories and models, including servant-leadership, transformational leadership and the contingency model. Students will learn the leading edge competencies, techniques and skills that are needed by 21st century leaders through practical applications, including the use of case studies, vignettes and scenarios. We will use a series of self-assessment tools to allow students to assess their current leadership skills and identify any gaps. And finally, students will work to create their own personal Leadership Development Plan.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 34 index 20859