Latin Music U.S.A.

Eduardo Herrera (Music)

In this seminar students will explore the making, playing, and dancing of Latin music in the United States. We will use case studies in salsa, reggaeton, Latin jazz, hip-hop, Chicano and Latin rock, cumbia, bachata, merengue, and electronic dance music to explore how Latin America is not a geographical location, but a set of ideas and relationships that cross the boundaries between North, Central, and South America. In other words, we will be looking at the United States as yet another site for the production, consumption, and articulation of Latin American and Latino/a expressive culture.  We will address broader questions as they emerge within these case studies: What do we learn through music about transnational, post-colonial, or local-global relationships in the Americas? What is the role of migration, digital technologies, and mass media in the creation, transmission, and interpretation of expressive cultural practices? How does music mediate identifications as American, Latin American, and Latino/a?

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 47 index 07113