Knowing, Doing, and Innovating Design

Mark Aakhus (Communication) and
Ingrid Erickson (Library and Information Science)

algorithms make shopping more convenient and search more effective,
and yet they also direct our options and shape what we experience. With
algorithms personalizing what we see, who is in charge? The paradox of
personalization is just one example of the challenge of living in “design
society”—the better we get at shaping our world through technology, the
more we have to confront the consequences of what we have created.
As individuals, community members, citizens, and workers, we are all
designers of the world around us. Have you really come to terms with that
fact? This course will help you embrace the possibilities and responsibilities
of living in design society by helping you develop your design imagination.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 01 index 06546