Kids and Medicine

Pooja Shah (Pharmacy Practice and Administration)
Katelin Kilmer (Pharmacy Practice and Administration)

Everyone remembers receiving medicine when they were children – maybe it was amoxicillin for an ear infection or maybe acetaminophen for a fever. But how do medicines that were originally designed for and tested on adults work on children, an incredibly diverse population weighing anywhere from 1/4 lbs to 200 lbs? How can we give small children medicine that is only available as a tablet? How do we administer medicines intravenously in tiny doses to premature infants? How are dosages determined when there is no way to perform drug trials on children? In this seminar, we will explore the unique challenges of medication administration to children. Students will learn to think creatively about how to solve medication issues for children, providing excellent background and preparation for students interested in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, or parenting.

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01:090:101 section 88 index 10003