Intriguing Connections Between Nutrients, Environment, and Disease

Paul Breslin (Nutritional Sciences) and
Sue Shapses (Nutritional Sciences)

Our environment is always changing as a result of weather, toxins, trends in
farming, food processing, and disasters, and this affects what we eat, how
we metabolize, and it also influences disease. In this course, we will discuss
and debate topics such as environmental endocrine disruptors and disease,
salt and the balance between risk for hypertension and depletion due to
exercise; the link between animal protein and environmental carcinogens;
processed foods versus slow foods and disease; sucrose versus high
fructose corn syrup; the interaction between vitamin D from diet and the
sun and its impact on disease; determining whether vitamin supplements
prevent or cause disease; and the social environment and food intake.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 04 index 19464