Immigration and Diversity in Higher Education: Students’ Journeys and Successes

Peter Guarnaccia (Human Ecology)

Several recent studies have found that immigrant students perform better than U.S.-born students in college. What drives immigrant students to succeed in higher education? One factor appears to be the skills immigrant students learn while balancing keeping their family cultures alive and learning U.S. culture. Another is the “immigrant bargain” that forms between parents who sacrifice to bring their children to the U.S. for educational opportunities and the drive of immigrant students to succeed as a result. We will look at a range of research and popular literature on this topic. We will especially focus on a book Dr. Guarnaccia is writing on this topic based on a study of immigrant students at Rutgers that incorporates a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to provide a rich portrait of student experiences across the full diversity at Rutgers.

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