Human Displacement: A New International Crisis

Joanna Regulska (Vice President, International and Global Affairs)

Iraq. Syria. Darfur. Bosnia. Colombia. In each of these countries vast populations of people have been forced to move from their homes because of armed conflict. Some become refugees to other nations. Some are “internally displaced” within their own countries. We call these people “IDPs” – internally displaced persons. While the number of armed conflicts and refugees has declined in the past fifteen years, the number of IDPs world-wide has risen. Why? In this seminar, we will look for answers to that question. Through films, readings of IDP experiences, and meetings with UN experts, we’ll examine the reasons behind the rapid increase in IDPs. Students will become familiar with the everyday struggles of IDPs in different parts of the world, and will learn how national governments and international organizations are addressing this crisis of mass human displacement.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 72 index 34070