How to Avoid Being Hurt and Representing Yourself Wisely on the Web!

Casimir Kulikowski (Computer Science) and Charles McGrew (System Administrator – Computer Science)

Bad guys and bad groups of people can do us all much harm, if we are not careful. Being aware of threats to one's privacy and confidentiality on the web is essential, as are the many ways in which one can either be deceived by others, or delude ourselves when we are in a hurry and do not think through our interactions over the internet, thereby failing to critically assess information on the web. The misuse, misrepresentation, and misinterpretation of data are omnipresent dangers we need to avoid, and, to do so, we must understand the underlying methods for good presentation and representation of both data and our interactions with others over the web.

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01:090:101 section 51 index 07114