How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? The World of the Piano and Pianists

Min Kwon (Music)

Is classical music only for the elite? In this seminar, we will explore what lies behind the black and white notes on the page: passion and insanity that inspired and sustained the pianists of the classical world for the past 300 years. This seminar will feature lively discussions on music and an exploration of the composers’ lives as reflected in their work. What makes their music so great? Live performances by guest artists and recordings by legends of the past as well as the superstars of today will be featured throughout the semester. The seminar will also shed light on a pianist’s journey to Carnegie Hall: the discipline, the interpretation of music, and the art of performing. Although no prior musical knowledge is required, an open mind and open ears are a must. We will attend a piano recital at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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01:090:101 section 38 index 17516