Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: High Performance Training is Not Just for Athletes

Sunita Kramer (Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Honors College)
Fikry Isaac (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WellWorld Consulting. Formerly Head of Global Health Services, Johnson & Johnson)

Maximizing energy and learning how to stay mentally focused are issues of primary concern to the endurance athlete. However, learning how to maximize performance should apply to anyone who wants to function at a high level, whether a corporate executive or a first-year college student. In this seminar, we will examine successful approaches to sustained high performance that have been used both on and off the playing field. Through readings and discussions, students will learn about the molecular and genetic basis for improving fitness, including changes in metabolism, recovery patterns, sleep, and mental health. Utilizing key principles for energy management from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, students will also have the opportunity to explore ways to maximize their personal energy, to feel physically energized, emotionally connected, and mentally focused.

*Part of the Byrne Seminars with Johnson & Johnson series.

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01:090:101 section 19 index 08604