Green Cuisine: Exploring New Jersey's Shellfish Resources

Daphne Munroe (Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences; Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory)
David Bushek (Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory)

There are a number of benefits from choosing to eat lower on the food chain, and green diets have become a popular way to improve one’s diet, health and carbon footprint.  Foods like oysters and clams are a great source of protein and are a low trophic level filter feeder making them an ideal, albeit often overlooked, component to a “green” diet.  This seminar will focus on the shellfish resources and industry in New Jersey.  It will explore the fisheries in New Jersey and explain the role of aquaculture production of shellfish.  The costs and benefits of these foods will be discussed in terms of human health, production costs, and ecological interactions and field trips to Rutgers research facilities will allow students to explore firsthand the shellfish industry in New Jersey.

Course Number: 
11:090:101 section 08 index 17500