Golf As An aid to Your Career—Networking on the Links

Richard L. Edwards (Chancellor Emeritus and University Professor)
Lisa Jensen (PGA Professional/Rutgers Golf Course Manager)
Kate Sweeney (Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley)

This seminar considers how understanding and being able to play golf can enhance your career development through fostering important “networking” opportunities.  We will consider the history of the game of golf and how it can play a role in your personal and career life, both as a recreational activity, as a way to deal with stress, and as an important asset to your career, whether you work in the corporate or nonprofit sector.  We will explore how for-profit corporations use golf for marketing and public relations purposes and how nonprofit organizations use golf for fundraising purposes.  The seminar will include discussions with corporate executives, as well as two complimentary group golf lessons for the class. Whether you already play golf or you have never swung a golf club, you are welcome to participate in this seminar.  Both men and women will benefit from this seminar.

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