Global Health for Children and Adults: Immunization, Education, and Informatics

Casimir Kulikowski (Computer Science)

We will look into the many initiatives for global health that take advantage of the resources available on the world-wide-web (WWW). Examples are those that couple them to immunization drives funded by the WHO and various NGO alliances for health, that are aimed at protecting children in developing countries from the ravages of infectious diseases, like pneumonia, that still kill a very large percentage of infants in their first month and year of life, as well as campaigns for educating people on sanitation, diet, and other factors that help improve global public and private health. We will explore how computational models and informatics methods can help in supporting not only the development of policy options for health agencies, but also bring advice to individuals through website designs that answer queries about pressing healthcare issues for both children and adults in developing countries.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 51 index 07585