“For security reasons we are asking you to comply”: Security Engineering and Biometrics in the 21st Century

Janne Lindqvist (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and
Vishal Patel (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

When you are asked to comply, what are these security reasons? Do they
have anything to do with security? Or are they about something else? Are
things that are presented as securing you actually “security theatre?” This
seminar will provide students with an understanding of security engineering
and biometrics. Biometrics refer to user authentication techniques that
rely on measurable physical characteristics that can be automatically
verified. The students will learn about essential principles and methods
for biometrics and systems security engineering, including understanding
the weaknesses and strengths of approaches, and their ethical and
societal implications. Recent examples of societal implications include the
on-going litigation between Apple and the U.S. government on smartphone
security and privacy. Students will gain an understanding of how their own
smartphones help or do not help them to secure their personal and private
data. Topics to be covered include the basics of security engineering, face
recognition, iris recognition, usability and psychology, human factors in
securing systems, softbiometrics, smartphone security, and the intersection
of security and privacy.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 21 index 06556