Exploring the Deep Sea

Richard Lutz (Marine and Coastal Sciences)
Costantino Vetriani (Biochemistry and Microbiology)

The seminar will focus on past and present research conducted by Rutgers faculty and students, who have been at the forefront of exploration of a wide spectrum of deep-sea environments throughout the world's oceans. The seminar will expose students to ecological and microbiological research conducted in the most extreme environments on the face of the planet (e.g., deep-sea hydrothermal vents with temperatures in excess of 700°F located at depths of 1 - 2 miles beneath the ocean surface), as well as to ongoing research at Rutgers aimed at the discovery of chemical compounds isolated from deep-sea vent organisms that may have pharmaceutical potential for curing certain types of cancer.  Hands-on activities will include interactive exchanges between students and the professors focused on historical videos dating back to the initial biological expedition to deep-sea vents in 1979 and include an IMAX film entitled Volcanoes of the Deep Sea that was co-produced by Rutgers University featuring Rutgers scientists and research efforts.