Ethical Success and Failure in the US Military

Captain Philip H. Roos (Navy ROTC)

Over the course of our nation’s history, American service members have accomplished tremendous and selfless acts of courage, often at great expense to their personal life, health, and liberty.  Unfortunately, members of the US military have also committed unspeakable atrocities in our history, including Mai Lai during the Vietnam War and Abu Ghraib during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  This seminar looks at the importance of ethical decision making in the US military as presented by Captain Phillip Roos, a Professor of Naval Science and an active duty Captain in the US Navy. We will hold weekly interactive discussions on student or professor-identified examples in the news where ethical decision making in our nation’s armed services succeeded or failed.  From the perspective of the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, the common questions that the seminar will attempt to answer will be:  What was the right thing to do and why did they make the right or wrong decision?

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01:090:101 section 80 index 17905