Engineering Immersion: Utilizing the Patient Perspective and Environment in Biomedical Research

Kristen Labazzo (Biomedical Engineering)
Natalie Macon (Biomedical Engineering)

The goal of this seminar is to bridge the gap between the biomedical engineer and end user in order to improve the quality of research and ultimately the products and innovations that could result. The gap between the biomedical engineer and the end user is essentially the lack of direct clinical observations by the product innovator (the engineer), and therefore is a significant barrier to correctly understanding the needs of the end user. The sooner a student biomedical engineer grasps the concept of the importance of direct clinical observations to successful product design, the more successful the student will be as a biomedical engineer in his/her postgraduate career. Students will get a chance to “immerse” themselves in environments that are conducive to medical advancements such as hospitals, nursing homes, and facilities for the physically disabled. Students will learn how this immersion and knowledge of the end-user environment can improve their research skills. Further, students will also get to talk to and interact with patients in order to gain a new appreciation of a potential career in medical research, and to see first-hand how medical innovations have improved their quality of life.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 31 index 05805