Economics in the News: An Apparatus of the Mind

Neil Sheflin (Economics)

This seminar will offer a timely, topical, targeted introduction to economic reasoning and research through examination, analysis, and discussion of current economic issues. We will explore the workings of the market system and whether the invisible hand is absolute.  In our discussions, we will focus on the determinants of prices; the impacts of minimum wage laws; and the causes and cures for unemployment, inflation, slow economic growth, and economic downturns.  We will also address economic matters closer to home, including issues in personal finance, major and career planning, and investing. We will go behind the headlines and analyze research and critically evaluate many of these issues. Above all, each student will develop his or her own “apparatus of the mind” – the ability to use the tools of economics to solve problems.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 83 index 13042