Eco-Cinema: Nature and Environment in Film

Alexander Pichugin (German Language and Culture Studies)

This seminar is open to any student interested in film studies, nature/culture relationship, environmentalism and environmental humanities. It will engage students with the connections between ecology and cinema. The seminar begins with an exploration of the theoretical principles of the ecological approach and the history of ecocriticism, including ecocriticism in film. The focus of the second (main) part of the seminar will be on the application of ecocritical thinking to the analysis of feature and documentary films related to nature and ecology. The feature films include James Cameron’s Avatar, the documentaries are David Attenborough’s Life Series, Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man. The goal of the course is to approach the filmic representation of the relationship between humans and our natural environment in meaningful and creative ways.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 74 index 12201