Cooking Through Change: A Spicy Walk Through the Last 10,000 Years

Lena Struwe (Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources)

Calling all “foodies”! In this seminar, we will explore the evolution of cooking and taste from a scientific and historical perspective. Since the beginnings of agriculture, humans migrated, fought and/or traded with each other, and experienced natural disasters—how did this affect what was grown, eaten, and cooked? How have cooking and taste changed with the introduction of new ingredients and spices from far-away places? How has the movement of major crops around the world affected the history of humankind? We will discuss many “what-if” scenarios including: what if Columbus hadn’t “discovered” America; what to bring if you have to survive on an island; and how to produce and cook your own food here in NJ in the face of a natural or manmade disaster. We will eat wild weeds, and sample old-fashioned and high-tech food.

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