Conversations with Music and Musicians

Maureen Hurd (Music) and
Rebecca Cypess (Music)

By thinking creatively about musical compositions and by interacting with the performers whose job it is to bring the music to life, students in this seminar will learn to listen closely and interpret the music in a historically grounded yet personal way. The seminar will center on five major musical works. First, Prof. Cypess will lead a seminar-based discussion about the history and construction of the work—what it might have meant to its composer and its first audiences, and how that meaning might be adapted in the modern era. In the following week, Prof. Hurd will curate a performance of that work by Mason Gross faculty, graduate students, or guests. The performance will be open to the public (in a central location on the College Avenue campus), but it will be followed by a private Question-and-Answer period between seminar students and the performers.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 17 index 07570