Computing a Metaphor

Casimir Kulikowski (Computer Science)
Charles McGrew (Computer Science)

Computer language processing relies mostly on using very restricted notation, syntax and semantics: programming languages, like Java, or C—deliberately simplify the language to make it easy for the computer. In contrast, the languages we humans use are much richer, including slang, and metaphors: “Time flies like an arrow”; “I was glued to my seat.” Visual metaphors are not only fundamental to how we communicate with each other but also critical for describing how we think and reason about the world in all fields of study: the sciences, humanities, and professions like medicine and law. This seminar will explore “figurative reasoning”, how we think about thinking, including metaphor, and how we can incorporate these concepts into artificial intelligence (AI) programming in science and medicine, for the design and modeling of systems.

Course Number: 
01:090:101 section 51 index 05810